Killer Innovations Radio Show Interview

    Killer Innovations Radio Show Interview

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    Serial Entrepreneur Jeff White Shares What it takes to Start, Innovate, Pivot and Successfully Grow Tech Startups, on Nationally Syndicated Killer Innovations Radio Show

    Having built and sold two tech startups and now leading his third, Jeff was selected to be interviewed by Killer Innovations host Phil McKinney, former HP CTO, author, speaker, innovation mentor and columnist at Forbes. The Killer Innovations Show shares with its large audience how to harness the power of creativity, ideas, ingenuity and innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.

    In the interview Jeff shares his practical business philosophies, experiences and learnings as a leading innovator. From identifying a “true north” vision, to building a team that creates energy by “stretching the rubber band,” to recognizing the need for flexibility based on the likelihood that a business first launched often ends up being something other than envisioned, Jeff offers sage advice for other entrepreneurs.

    Take a listen to Jeff’s fascinating journey as an entrepreneur and founder of now-three successful technology startups (the interview is commercial free!).

    Listen to Starting Selling and Pivoting Start-up Companies.

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