Location-Based Advertising: Brand Audiences

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Location-based advertising is hitting its stride: 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand when they’re recognized, remembered or served with relevant recommendations. Today, Gravy Analytics has hundreds of location-based audiences available through leading platforms like The Trade Desk, Oracle and LiveRamp.  And, we launch new audiences every month in response to new customer requirements and market interest.

Why are there so many location-based audiences? Well, some are what we call Brand Audiences – location-based audiences that are specific to a single brand.

Tell me more. What’s a Brand Audience?

A brand audience is comprised of visitors observed at a single brand location, or chain of locations. To create these, we geo-fence all locations for that brand. As stores are opened or closed, those locations are added or removed. When consumers are observed at a store location, and meet set criteria, their mobile device is added to the audience. The result is an audience comprised just of mobile consumers who’ve visited that specific brand.

Why would I want to use a brand audience?

Most often, companies use their own brand audience to reach their current customers. This is a game-changer for companies – like restaurants, CPGs and manufacturers – who either don’t collect customer information or don’t sell directly to the public. Previously, these companies had no easy way to reengage their customers. Brand audiences enable companies of all kinds to reach the people who already buy their products with digital ads and offers.

Companies can also use their brand audience to deliver loyalty offers to customers. For example, a fast food restaurant like McDonalds might offer a free sundae with meal purchase – both delighting the recipient and encouraging one more restaurant visit. 

Who can use them?

Anyone can purchase and use a brand audience. That means competitors, too. One of the most powerful uses for these audiences is conquesting. Conquesting campaigns introduce your product or service to your competitors’ customers – encouraging them to give your business a try instead. You might even consider a special offer designed just for your competitor’s customers. Imagine receiving a free luxury spa service with your next hotel stay – from your favorite hotel chain’s top contender.

What are you waiting for? Show them what they’re missing out on.

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What kind of brand audiences are available?

Gravy Analytics creates brand audiences for a range of industries, covering most major brands. Here are just a few examples:

Location-Based Advertising: Branded Audiences - Industry Chart

What if the brand I want isn’t available?

Interested in a brand audience that isn’t yet available? No problem – we’ll work with you to build it.

Simply provide the list of locations that you’d like to geo-fence, along with any additional parameters, like day of week or business hours, and we’ll take care of the rest.  If you want to keep your audience all to yourself, that’s OK too – we call that a Custom Audience. You can find more information about creating a custom audience in our recent blog post, “Location-Based Advertising: Custom Audiences”.

Talk with a Gravy Analytics sales representative to learn how location intelligence can benefit your business.

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