Location-Based Advertising: Custom Audiences

February 20, 2018

Location-based advertising is heating up: 73% of consumers now allow apps to access their location, providing insight into real-world consumer behavior. Today, Gravy Analytics has more than 325 location-based audiences available, with more launching every month. But what happens when there isn’t an audience that meets your needs? Sometimes a client has an unusual product or service and there isn’t an off-the-shelf audience that fits the bill. What happens then?

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Create a Custom Audience

If you’ve got a unique product or service, and you know the type of consumer that you need to reach, Gravy Analytics can help. With our location-based intelligence platform, and our nationwide network of 250+ million opted-in mobile consumers, we can create a highly-targeted and effective custom audience to meet your needs.

Gravy will assign you a dedicated project manager to walk you through the audience creation process. Your project manager will help you define campaign objectives and guide you through each step. Here are the highlights:

The Audience ‘Recipe’

1. Choose your places. First, identify the places and points-of-interest where your customers are most likely to congregate. These may be local attractions or gathering spots, shopping malls or your store locations. Whether a handful of locations or thousands, Gravy will ensure that each place is precision geo-fenced for the most accurate data collection.

2. Choose your events. Then, identify the events that your target audience is most likely to attend. These may be large sports and music events – like the Super Bowl or P!nk in concert – or smaller, local events like weekend soccer games and wine tastings. Again, Gravy will ensure that each event is precisely geo-fenced for data collection. We’ll even recommend upcoming events that attract your target consumers to expand your reach.

3. Choose your competitors. By identifying and geo-fencing competitor locations, you can easily reach your competitors’ customers with information about your product or service. Imagine that you’re launching a virtual home design service; you might geo-fence furniture stores and popular home décor chains, like Home Goods or Crate & Barrel. A quick-service taco stand might include consumers recently observed at Qdoba or Chipotle in their custom audience. Oh, the possibilities!

4. Add your ‘secret sauce’. Is your product or service available only in the greater Boston area? No problem – it’s easy to build an audience comprised of only local consumers. Confident that your target consumers are stay-at-home-parents? Capture only those attendances that occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 5PM, and skip weekends when working parents are more likely to be on the move. These special “rules” give your audience that extra something special.

Whatever your campaign objectives, Gravy Analytics can help you to find the right consumers at the right time and place. Then, once you’ve perfected your audience recipe, it’s time to…wait.

Wait, What?

If your custom audience uses existing geo-fences, there’s no need to wait. But if new geo-fences were created for your custom audience, we recommend allowing your audience to grow for 90 days prior to use. The longer that location signals are collected matching your specification, the larger the audience will be. Even if your initial audience isn’t all that large, it will be highly-targeted, and it will continue to grow in support of future campaigns. You can continue to refine your audience over time, and even create new audiences for use in A/B testing.

Best of all, your custom audience is available only to you – not your competitors. Any custom audience that you purchase is reserved exclusively for your company. Your custom audience is not just an opportunity to better connect with your target consumers, but for long-term competitive advantage.

Custom audience creation not in your 2018 budget? It’s easy to get started by testing off-the-shelf audiences that may meet your needs. Get the information you need to choose the right location-based audience for your product or service with our handy guide, “How to Choose A Location-Based Audience”.

Start building your custom audience today with Gravy Analytics. We’re here to help.

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