Location-Based Advertising: Premium Audiences

July 24, 2018

Gravy Audiences are built using information about where people go and what they do in the real world. Using pseudonymous mobile location signals, Gravy categorizes consumers as ‘Frequent Shoppers’, ‘Live Music Fans’, ‘New/Expectant Parents’ and much more. Advertisers and brands can use Gravy Audiences to reach their target consumers using information about the events and places they visit.

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What’s different about Gravy’s location-based audiences?

Gravy Audiences reflect the real-world interests and habits of more than 250MM U.S. mobile consumers, for superior reach. Because Gravy utilizes deterministic data – never modeled – marketers using Gravy Audiences can be assured that their ad campaign will reach consumers who have actually visited a place or event of interest.

How are events used to create audiences?

Gravy maintains the largest database of events – large and small – in the country. Events give our location data “context” and let us understand whether a consumer visiting Madison Square Garden was there to see the New York Knicks, Beyoncé or Disney on Ice. This context lets us identify not just sports fans or music fans – but team and genre preferences. This gives new precision to our audiences and enables highly-targeted ad campaigns.

What kind of audiences are available?

Broadly, Gravy’s 350+ off-the-shelf premium audiences fall into one of three categories: Lifestyle, In-Market and Enthusiast.

Lifestyle – Lifestyle audiences reach consumers based on life stage or habits. Choose from audiences like ‘Business Travelers’, ‘College Students’, ‘Political Activists’, ‘Stay at Home Parents’ and other lifestyle segments.

In-Market In-market audiences include mobile consumers who are expected to make a new purchase –  like a new car, home or appliance – in the near term. Be sure to check out our Brand Audiences, which are comprised of in-market consumers observed at a single brand. Gravy’s brand audiences cover auto manufacturers, big box retailers, popular restaurant chains, and much more.

Enthusiast – Enthusiast audiences include mobile consumers whose behavior in the real world indicates that they have a special hobby or interest, like computer games, MLB Baseball, or Top 40 music.

What if the audience I need isn’t available?

Gravy regularly builds new audiences in response to customer requests. We’re always happy to work with our customers to create new audiences to meet their requirements. Contact us for more information about the process.

How do I get started with Gravy Audiences?

Gravy Audiences are ready-to-use through leading DSPs, DMPs and AdTech platforms – including LiveRamp, Oracle BlueKai and Adobe. Plus, Gravy’s existing partners make it possible for advertisers to access our audiences on platforms where we don’t yet have a direct integration.

What are you waiting for? Get started with location-based audiences today. Contact us to learn how.

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