Location-Based Marketing: Enthusiast Audiences

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Gravy Analytics analyzes pseudonymous mobile consumer attendances at millions of places and events every month. We use this data to create our Gravy Audiences, Gravy Insights and Gravy DaaS products. Marketers use our data to better target their advertising to consumers, improve their understanding of customers and competitors, or enhance their own products and services.

Unlike other location-based audiences, Gravy Audiences are informed by events: we understand both where consumers go and what they do when they get there. Event attendances give us insight into consumer interests and passions, and provide the foundation for our ‘Enthusiast Audiences’.

What is an enthusiast audience?

Enthusiast audiences include mobile consumers whose behavior in the real world indicates that they have a special hobby or interest. These consumers have recently visited a place or an event that indicates they’re a music lover, a sports fan, or something else entirely. For example, a person might be observed at a NCAA Basketball game, and added to our ‘NCAA Basketball Fan’ audience. Another consumer might visit a wine tasting and be added to our ‘Wine Lovers’ audience.

Why is event context important?

Think about it: a major venue like Madison Square Garden plays host to a variety of performances. P!nk performs one night, WWE Wrestling the next, and Disney on Ice over the weekend. A local sports field hosts football, soccer or field hockey games. While the events are in the same place, the people in attendance are different consumers with different interests. Events let us tell the difference between a pop music fan and a professional wrestling fan, or a football player and a soccer spectator.

Who should consider using an enthusiast audience?

Anyone selling products or services that are associated with a special interest can benefit from using an enthusiast audience to better target their advertising. For example, a promoter advertising concert tickets can reach “Country Music Fans” or “Rock Music Fans” depending on the artist. A manufacturer of 3-D printers might advertise to “Tech Retail Shoppers” to connect with tech-savvy buyers.

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How do I know that I’m reaching people who are really interested in my product or service?

Gravy’s enthusiast audiences are built using verified consumer attendances at places and events across the U.S. Once a consumer device is no longer observed at relevant locations, we remove that consumer’s mobile device from the audience. That way, advertisers pay only to reach those consumers who remain interested in their offer.

What enthusiast audiences are available today?

Gravy Analytics today produces 50+ enthusiast audiences, including ‘Amusement Park Enthusiasts’, ‘Beer Lovers, ‘Do It Yourselfers’ and more. Representative audiences are shown below:

To browse all enthusiast audiences, download the complete audience list today.

What if the enthusiast audience that I want isn’t available?

No problem! Gravy is always looking for new audience ideas, and often releases new audiences in response to client requests. If you have an idea for a new enthusiast audience, just let us know. We’ll work with you to build an audience based on the places and events that your enthusiasts typically attend. You can even keep your enthusiast audience all to yourself. We call that a Custom Audience.

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