Mobile Advertising Continues Rapid Growth – IAB

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    In December, Gravy’s Anurag Mehta reviewed Statcounter and IAB data showing two mobile firsts. Mobile internet data had surpassed desktop and mobile advertising had exceeded desktop search advertising. IAB was out with new data last week that showed Q3 2016 was another big quarter for internet advertising with over $17 billion spent.

    Mobile Advertising Continues Rapid Growth - IAB Chart

    Mobile the Fastest-Growing Segment

    Business Insider is also out with a report this week that suggests mobile will be the, “fastest-growing advertising channel” through 2020 with a 26.5% compound annual growth rate. The report concludes that mobile display will overtake desktop in 2017.

    Turning Mobile into A Precision Instrument

    There is no doubt that mobile advertising is growing fast in response to increased mobile usage. A key question facing marketers in 2017 is how to make the most of their mobile ad spend. Advertisers know that they need to optimize their return on mobile and one way to do that is to refine their targeting and measure results. That is precisely why Gravy Analytics produces TruLifeTM audiences that segment consumers based on the events they attend, the activities they participate in and the places they go. Overlaying these data points creates a match between online activity and offline behavior and offers far more robust consumer targeting than previously available.

    Welcome to 2017!

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