Mobile Marketing, How Do We Love You?

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    Let us count the ways.

    We love you because…

    You’re personal. You’re with us wherever we go – at home and work, in the store or at the coffee shop. If we didn’t love you so much, we’d accuse you of being clingy. Yes, we know, three new tweets mention us.

    Nick Drake of adidas agrees with us. He says, “Mobile is the most personal medium available. People run their whole lives off of mobile. It’s business, it’s personal, it’s information gathering. It’s on 24/7 … We call it the ‘brand in the hand.’”

    You’re geographically aware. We love using geo-fences so that we can better target our mobile ads and let customers know about deals at nearby floral shops and confectionaries. Thank you, mobile marketing, thank you.

    Just look at the results you gave Easton Mall. Because of you, people spent an average of 24% more during their shopping trips, and 39% said that your location-specific ads influenced their purchase decisions.

    You’re timely, too. We take our cue from 7-Eleven. We can send time-sensitive ads about our roses to our “opt-in” customers; 7-Eleven’s mobile coupon expired 15 minutes after being redeemed.

    You’ve changed our lives, mobile marketing, and you’ve changed them for the better. We now know how many people viewed our message and if they clicked on a link or used our coupon to buy chocolate-covered strawberries. We knew little, if any, of that with our billboard and television ads.

    You’re relevant. We look at our customers’ profiles, and create messages just for them. By the way, our customers love that fact, too.

    James Hilton, the CEO of M&C Saatchi Mobile, says, “By knowing more about our consumers we can ensure the right messaging is going to the right audience at the right time, which will ultimately give marketers the ability to influence their consumers.”

    You’re interesting. Nobody’s perfected mobile marketing yet, so everybody’s experimenting with content, designs, apps, SMS, and different types of media. We can’t wait to see what you do next. By the way, what will you do next, mobile marketing?

    You’re attractive. Our customers just can’t put you down. They love the streamlined experience with its minimal text and bold colors, but they especially love that you give them the information or entertainment they want.

    We like what Lauren Moler has to say about your attractive qualities: “Separate the visual display from your content creation process. There is so much variation in how users see content that it’s not efficient to create content for a single display … Once you start thinking with that mindset, you can explore things like responsive design to help users view content better on mobile.”

    You’re social. As Justin Premick of AWeber states, “So what does mobile lend itself to doing? Short, low-friction actions: sharing, liking, tweeting, taking pictures, looking at pictures, reading short-form content, watching videos.”

    You create increased return visits and loyal customers. If you didn’t, Domino’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle would have broken up with you by now. Not all burritos are created equal.

    You’re fun. You let us play games and receive rewards. You’re like the upgraded, mobile version of the prize in the Cracker Jack box.

    We even love that you’re complicated. Yes, you have your data issues and privacy concerns, but who doesn’t? We’re certain you’ll figure things out eventually.

    Why do you love mobile marketing?

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