Precision or Proximity? Choosing Between Location-Based Advertising Audiences

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Gravy processes billions of pseudonymous mobile location signals every day to understand where people go and what they do in the real world. One of the most popular uses for our data is ad targeting: companies of all kinds use location-based audiences to reach consumers based on the places or events they visit in the physical world.

But not all location-based advertising audiences are the same; in fact, they can be very different, and deliver very different results for advertisers. Broadly, these audiences fall into two categories:


Proximity audiences will capture any mobile consumer who has been observed in the area around a location, or locations, of interest. The size of the area and audience composition depends on the data provider.


Precision audiences capture only those mobile consumers who’ve visited a specific place or event of interest. Only those devices observed within the exact area will be included in the advertising audience.

So which kind of audience should I choose – Proximity or Precision?

It depends. The right audience to use will depend on the goal of your marketing campaign. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of which to use when:

Brand awarenessProximity
Mass market product or serviceProximity
Specialized product or servicePrecision
Re-targeting or loyaltyPrecision

Proximity-based audiences work well for brand awareness campaigns and mass market products and services. But if you’re advertising a more specialized product or service, conducting a conquesting campaign, or aiming to connect with existing customers, you’ll want to use an audience with higher precision.

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