Predicting Which Customers May Churn

    Predicting Which Customers May Churn

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    Mobile Marketer recently published an article entitled “Predicting which customers may churn”authored by Gravy.

    The piece explores various (and often expensive and time consuming) modeling techniques employed by brands to predict which customers are at risk to churn in order to execute retention outreach strategies.

    It goes on to suggest that brands no longer have to predict which customers may churn at all—they can know, conclusively which customers defect every day.  They can have the understanding—at the individual customer level–of their wants and needs to execute informed, compelling win-back strategies using mobile app-enabled location-based analytics and insights.

    For brands investing thousands of dollars or more in technology and human capital and predicting which customers may churn, it’s time to stop guessing, and start knowing.

    Read Predicting Which Customers May Churn.

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