Reach In-Market Cord-Cutters with Gravy & PeerLogix Audiences

October 31, 2018

Gravy Analytics and PeerLogix are pleased to announce the release of 27 audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. These unique audiences combine Gravy’s consumer behavioral data with PeerLogix’ data reflecting consumers’ online viewing habits. Using these audiences, advertisers can target consumers based on the television programming, movies or music they watch online, and the places and events they visit in the real world.

Reach In-Market Cord-Cutters with Gravy & PeerLogix Audiences

Online Media > Linear TV

GroupM, a division of WPP, predicts that consumer time spent with online media will surpass linear TV this year. The shift from linear TV to Over-the-Top (OTT) services is especially pronounced among younger consumers: Omnicom estimates that 73% of US Millennials use online streaming services, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and one-third of households aged under-35 are without cable or satellite TV service.

For advertisers who have historically relied on television advertising to drive consumer demand, these audiences help to reaggregate television viewership and reach elusive Millennial and Generation Y consumers online. In addition, advertisers can better segment and tailor their ads to consumers based on their observed interests, lifestyle or habits.

An auto manufacturer might use the ‘Automobile Buyers That Stream OTT’ to reach cord-cutters who have also be recently observed at auto dealerships – a strong indicator that they are in-market for a new car – with ads promoting their new 2019 vehicle lineup. Or, that auto manufacturer might take it a step further by using ‘Automobile Buyers That Stream Family Television On OTT’ to specifically promote a family-size SUV.

How Do I Get Started?

Developed in conjunction with LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program, these new audiences are available exclusively to advertisers through the LiveRamp DMP.

Ready to take your television advertising online? Contact us to learn how you can use these exciting new audiences in your next advertising campaign.

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