Real-World Attribution for Publishers

Real-World Attribution for Publishers

We’ve heard some interesting commentary on the state of the publishing industry. Here’s a sample of the challenges that publishers are dealing with now:

  • How can publishers differentiate their inventory in the marketplace?
  • What can publishers do to help their advertisers prove ROI?
  • How can publishers and vendors better communicate to deliver the results that advertisers need?

Through campaign attribution and audience targeting, location intelligence can answer these and other questions – helping publishers keep their advertisers happy and coming back. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Standard click-through and online engagement metrics only provide advertisers with part of the picture of campaign success. With location data, publishers can prove that their ad inventory produces real results, and drives consumers to stores. 

Advertisers feel good about the money they’ve spent when they see the direct link between ad exposure and consumer visits to the advertised store, restaurant or event. 


Ad placement is about more than finding the right content – it’s about reaching the right people with your message. Help advertisers target both the people that engage with their brand online and the ones that visit their stores in real life.

With location data, publishers can reach high-intent audiences of actual store visitors – letting advertisers extend their reach and acquire new customers.

Did you know? Gravy has ready-made audiences of visitors to top retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more. To see all audiences, visit Gravy’s Audience Finder.

Latest Insights on Location Intelligence

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Gravy Analytics brings its industry-leading location data experience to every client engagement. With 100% polygonal geo-fences and mobile location data from over 250M mobile devices, Gravy delivers attribution measurement and consumer insights with unmatched precision and scale.

To illustrate, read about the attribution study Gravy delivered for one of the largest publishers in the US.

Behavioral targeting and advertising attribution are just two of the many ways that location data can be used by publishers. With location data, publishers can enhance advertiser packages, validate campaign success, and differentiate their inventory in the marketplace.

If you’d like to learn more about what location intelligence can do for you, contact us today.

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