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    Some Science Behind Personalization

    462 100 Gravy

    Dan Phillips, a frequent contributor to leading publications in the hospitality industry, recently published an interesting article in Hospitality Upgrade Magazine, where he shares his personal travel experiences and how pleasingly personalized they’ve become.

    He discusses how data-driven insights are playing an increasingly important role in improving personalization through digitally-enabled guest-facing engagement. He examines four unique service providers, including Gravy, and how each adds value to the guest experience while simultaneously protecting guest privacy.

    Dan goes on to describe how relevancy and anticipation of guest needs are at the center of using any and all data-driven solutions. He suggests that while demographic segments such as Baby Boomer or Millennial are still important for personalization, hoteliers should consider two new segments driven more by attitude and mindset: Generation C (for “always connected”), and Generation i (for guests that demand relevant information at the touch of a finger).

    Read Some Science Behind Personalization.

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