Sports Fans Audience Profile

January 7, 2021

There are few audiences who are more enthusiastic than sports fans. They are varied and unique, but they do share some common data points. Using Gravy Analytics’ FanVue, we’ve made it possible for leagues and franchises to reach their fanbase with more precision than ever before, based on fan’s interests instead of guesswork, especially when a lot of old fan data is unreliable post-COVID. 

Sports Fans Audience Profile

Our ‘Sports Fan’ advertising audience is built by using verified event attendances at professional, college, minor, and private league sporting events across the country. This makes it possible for advertisers to reach only those fanatics who will convert. With this location-based advertising audience, marketers can reach specific sports enthusiasts like NCAA Basketball fans, for example, or NFL fans.

Let’s take a closer look at our Sports Fans advertising audience profile below to learn more about where these committed consumers go and how they spend their time when they’re not cheering on their favorite team.

Sports Fanatics Audience Profile Image

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