Statement on House Committee on Oversight and Reform Inquiry

July 8, 2022

Gravy Analytics can confirm receipt of the letter from Chairwoman Maloney of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, dated July 7, 2022, inquiring about our location data practices. 

Our company looks forward to responding thoroughly to the House Committee’s letter and providing additional information on our industry-leading privacy practices, which include, among other privacy controls, a dynamic privacy blacklist. Gravy Analytics’ privacy blacklist prevents the re-identification of individuals who visit sensitive places of interest, including abortion clinics, places of worship, schools, and healthcare centers.

In the interim, Gravy Analytics confirms that we do not sell the personal location data of any individuals who visit abortion clinics. 

For more information on how we protect consumer privacy, visit To view our recommended best practices for location data and sensitive places of interest, read our recent blog post on this very important subject.

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