Target New Audiences Including New Pet Parent

Target New Audiences Including New Pet Parent

Happy 2020! Gravy Analytics is excited to launch our first new audiences of the year. These 13 lifestyle audiences are for use in digital advertising campaigns. We make it easy for marketing professionals to find the right audiences. Why? Gravy’s advertising audiences are built on the local places and events that consumers attend in the real world. 

Included in this month’s releases are:


Two women looking at photos on a camera.

Travelers are always on the move as they are looking for their next adventure. This audience is perfect for targeting consumers who are always traveling to far away destinations for pleasure or even bleisure. They are no strangers to airports and hotels. They are always ready to hop on a plane, train, car, or cruise ship to get to where they need to be. Pair ‘Travelers’ with Gravy’s other Lifestyle Audiences such as ‘Luxury Lifestyle’ or ‘Foodies’ to better understand their interests beyond traveling.


A young mom sitting on a yoga mat with her baby.

Healthy moms don’t just take care of their children – they make time for themselves. They stay fit by going to zumba or yoga classes. They focus on eating healthy. Their shopping carts are full of organic, healthy food instead of junk food. Don’t just want to focus on targeting your ads to ‘Healthy Moms’? Gravy also offers other types of parent-related audiences such as ‘Healthy Dads,’ ‘New Parents/Expecting,’ and ‘Parents of Teenagers.’

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A young man and woman taking in a view at a park.

Visitors to parks and gardens enjoy getting outside. They might go to their favorite park to sit and enjoy nature or change up their workout routine by jogging through their local botanical garden. Looking for more outdoor-related audiences? We suggest you consider taking a look at ‘Camping Enthusiast’ or ‘Hiking Enthusiast.’


Two men looking at a long sleeve t-shirt in a clothing store.

This audience has recently visited a retail venue. Whether they are looking for the perfect pair of shoes or the latest novel, they are browsing stores to find what they need. ‘Recent Retail Visit’ is perfect for retailers looking to target their ads to consumers who are actively shopping.

New Year, New Audiences

Browse the descriptions below to get an idea which of our January audiences is right for your programmatic advertising campaign. If you need a full list of our audiences, check out our Audience Finder.

New Pet ParentMobile devices that are likely new pet parents based on recent visitation to breeders and rescues as well as high intensity recent visitation to pet stores
Fitness Oriented WomenMobile devices identified as women and exhibiting visitation patterns at fitness venues like gyms
Fitness Oriented MenMobile devices identified as men and exhibiting visitation patterns at fitness venues like gyms
Bridal ShoppersMobile devices observed at bridal stores
Healthy DadsMobile devices identified as Dads and exhibiting visitation patterns at health conscious venues
Healthy MomsMobile devices identified as Moms and exhibiting visitation patterns at health conscious venues
Alternative Health and WellnessMobile devices observed at alternative health and wellness locations and events such as holistic medicine and vitamin shops
Recent Auto Parts and Service VisitorsMobile devices recently observed at an auto parts store and or auto service venue
Gas Station VisitorsMobile devices observed at a gas station
Parks and Gardens VisitorsMobile devices observed at a park and or garden
TravelerMobile devices observed traveling, at hotels, airports, and other travel indicators
Recent Retail VisitMobile devices recently observed at a retail venue
Recent Dining VisitMobile devices recently observed at a restaurant

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