The Age of Attribution is Upon Us

    1024 586 Jeff White
    Never Confuse a Clear Vision with a Short Distance

    I’ve always envisioned a time when marketers would have a true understanding of consumer behavior at every touchpoint, and could provide attribution and ROI for advertising across all media. While a bold and powerful idea, until recently the technologies and associated data didn’t exist to fulfill that vision.

    The most recent acquisitions of Moat by Oracle and Placed by Snapchat are the proverbial “shots heard around the world” signifying that this vision isn’t as far off as we might think.

    Analysts agree that Snap purchased Placed to help prove the value of Snapchat advertising. To be compelling to advertisers, filter buys on the platform need to result in a measurable boost to consumer traffic at stores, restaurants and other advertiser locations. Placed, with its location database, panel of mobile consumers and attribution models, allows Snapchat to do exactly this.




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