Top 5 Gravy Audiences: January 2018

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    Leading advertisers rely on Gravy Audiences to help them reach committed consumers across the U.S. Only Gravy Audiences are built on what mobile consumers really do in their daily lives – the places they go, the points-of-interest they visit, and the events they attend.

    Each week, we analyze the latest mobile consumer attendance data and update our more than 325+ consumer audiences using our patented, AdmitOneTM verification process.

    Without further ado, here’s the list of top audiences used in January 2018.


    In the #5 spot is ‘Luxury Lifestylers’, an audience of mobile consumers whose real-world activities indicate that they have high-end tastes and higher disposable income. ‘Luxury Lifestylers’ are often observed at gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, yacht clubs, ski resorts and other places and events that suggest a luxurious lifestyle.

    Top 5 Gravy Audiences: January 2018 - Luxury Lifestyler Image

    Why now?

    This audience is currently in rotation among premium hotel brands promoting lodging options ahead of spring and summer travel season, and health clubs seeking to capitalize on New Year’s healthy intentions. In any case, Luxury Lifestylers is a great way to reach high-income consumers with information about your premium product or service.

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