Top 5 Gravy Audiences: July 2017

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    Every week, Gravy analyzes the latest mobile consumer activity – the places they visit, the events they go to, and how they spend their time – and updates our 200+ mobile consumer audiences using our patented, AdmitOneTM verification process.

    So, which Gravy Audiences are the most popular with marketers right now, and why? View the gallery for this month’s top picks.


    Starting off the list is ‘Business Traveler’. These mobile consumers are frequently observed at hotels, airports and business-oriented events and places during the week – a good indicator that they’re on travel for business.

    Top 5 Gravy Audiences: July 2017 - Business Traveler Image

    Why this Audience?

    Business travelers are an important source of revenue for hotels, restaurants and transportation companies that cater to business clientele. The ground transportation landscape has already shifted dramatically as more business travelers forgo taxi services in favor of Uber or Lyft. While most corporate travel policies don’t yet include home rental services like AirBnb, that too is beginning to change.

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