Top 5 Gravy Audiences: Q1 2018

Advertisers use Gravy Audiences to reach the most engaged consumers in the U.S. Using pseudonymous, mobile location signals from opted-in mobile consumers, Gravy Audiences reflect what people do in their everyday lives.

Hundreds of Gravy Audiences are now available via leading DSPs and DMPs. Here’s the top 5 audiences that advertisers are using now.


Starting off the list is ‘New Year’s Resolution – Weight Loss Healthy Living’. This audience includes mobile consumers that are likely seeking to lose weight and better their health in 2018.

Weight Loss Healthy Living Audience Image
Why now?

Healthy living is hip – and consumers are increasingly looking for natural products that help them manage stress, boost immunity and manage their weight. Companies marketing essential oils, herbal supplements and organic foods can use ‘‘New Year’s Resolution – Weight Loss Healthy Living’ to efficiently reach mobile consumers who are enthusiastic about products and services that complement a healthier lifestyle.

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