Top 5 Gravy Audiences: Q2 2018

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    Gravy Analytics lets advertisers reach engaged consumers across the United States. Because Gravy uses anonymous, mobile location signals to create its location intelligence, Gravy Audiences uniquely reflect what people do in their everyday lives.

    Hundreds of Gravy Audiences are available for use today via leading DSPs and DMPs. Here are the top five audiences that advertisers used in Q2 2018.


    Consumers in this audience have recently been observed at a Lowe’s store. (Be sure to check out our other Branded Audiences to reach customers observed at leading brands like Home Depot, Walmart, ACE Hardware, and more.)

    Recent Retail Shopper By Visit - Lowe's

    Why this Audience?

    Spring is the season to tackle home improvement projects!  ‘Recent Retail Visit by Shopper – Lowe’s’ lets appliance manufacturers, paint brands and home decor companies reach consumers who are in-market for home improvement-related products. Did you know that Lowe’s has started to use VR headsets allowing customers to ‘try out’ different appliances and home improvement projects?

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