Top 5 Gravy Audiences: September 2017

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    Gravy Audiences are used by leading advertisers across the U.S. to reach the most committed consumers in the market. Unlike other audiences, Gravy’s audiences are built on consumers’ real-world activities – the places they go, the things they do, and how they spend their time.

    Each week, we analyze the latest mobile consumer attendance data and update our more than 200 mobile consumer audiences using our patented, AdmitOneTM verification process.

    Here’s a look at our most popular consumer audiences for September 2017.


    Kicking off the list this month is, ‘NFL Football Fan’.  Mobile users in this category have recent, verified attendances at professional football games and NFL-related events across the country.

    Why Now?

    September marks the official start of football season! The 2017 season began with the NFL Kickoff Game on September 7, with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. The regular season will run through December 31 with playoffs starting soon after. As such, we expect to see this audience in heavy rotation through early February, when the season concludes with Super Bowl LII.

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