Increase Reservations: Top 5 Gravy Audiences Travel & Entertainment Companies Used in 2018

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    Gravy Analytics uses anonymous, mobile location signals to understand where people go in their daily lives, and give brands new visibility into the offline customer journey. These location-derived insights power our industry-leading audiences that enable advertisers to reach engaged consumers with their advertising campaigns.

    Hundreds of Gravy Audiences are available for use today via leading DSPs and DMPs. Here are the top five Gravy Audiences that travel and entertainment companies used in 2018.

    #5.  ATHLETE

    Users in this audience are seen at gyms and health clubs, and participating in sports events like 10Ks or mud runs.

    #5. Athlete

    Why this Audience?

    From wearables to athletic equipment and workout apparel, this audience is a great choice for brands that want to connect with fitness-minded consumers.

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