Top 5 Mobile Consumer Audiences: Feb 2017

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    Each week, Gravy analyzes the latest mobile consumer activity data – the places they visit, the events they go to, and how they spend their time – and updates our more than 200 mobile consumer audiences using our patented, AdmitOneTM verification process.

    So, which Gravy Audiences are the most popular with marketers right now, and why? View the article to get our insights.


    Starting off the list are ‘In-Market Home Buyers’. These mobile consumers have been identified as visiting open houses, mortgage lenders, and related events that suggest they’re searching for a new home.

    Mobile Consumer Audiences #5.- Home Buyers

    Why Now?

    Spring is almost here – which means the real estate market is starting to get busy as potential home buyers plan their next move. While there are plenty of “new home owner” or “new mover” audiences in the market, only Gravy uniquely identifies prospective home buyers before they’ve made a purchase decision. A recent Forbes article predicts the housing market to remain active throughout 2017, with modest increases to home prices and increased demand as more Millennials become home owners.

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