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    U.S. Publisher Coalitions Get Scale With Their Titles

    389 88 Gravy

    In a recent article published in MediaPost’s Mobile Marketing Daily, Gravy explores the growth of online publisher coalitions: what they are, why they’ve come to be, where they’re gaining traction, and how they factor into the mobile and overall digital ecosystem for both publishers and advertisers.

    The piece discusses why in the U.S. many publishers have yet to see the need to join a coalition with others, as many have ample scale in terms of audiences, to attract programmatic advertising within their own stable of titles.  It goes further to examine how publishers can leverage mobile—specifically their apps—to build scalable audiences there, to learn more about them than they ever could before, and to drive that value across all of their digital assets.

    Read how the U.S. Publisher Coalitions Get Scale With Their Titles.

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