Using IP Address Data to Advertise to Households

August 11, 2020

We use pseudonymized mobile location signals to  give marketers insight into who their customers are in the real world. We process billions of daily location signals to build our industry-leading Data-As-A-Service, or DaaS, offerings. This data can be used to boost the performance of your ad campaigns, for conquesting campaigns, and to improve the customer experience. While Visitations are about understanding the places people visit, IP Address data provides information for marketers interested in advertising to households.

Using IP Address Data to Advertise to Households

What is IP Address Data?

IP addresses are numeric addresses written as four numbers, separated by periods, ranging from 0 to 255. Public IP address ranges can be used to identify the public network or service provider used to establish Internet connectivity. Our data returns up to  10 IP addresses most recently associated with a mobile device, when available.

How can Marketers use IP Address data?

IP Address data can be used to understand device associations and enrich your device graph. By understanding the connection points of your customers, marketers can use device associations to run cross-device advertising campaigns. For example, a clothing store company wants to be able advertise their latest set of loungewear to households. The company can use this data to advertise across channels, like OTT and CTV, that need to have an IP address to identify the household, increasing the likelihood of a prospective customer making a purchase. Since IP address ranges also identify Internet service provider (ISP), it can also be used by MSOs to advertise their Internet services to households.

Advertise to Households in Near Real-Time

This type of data is continually updated, cleansed, and refreshed, so device associations are continually refreshed as well. This lets marketers advertising to households keep their device graphs updated in near real-time, as device ownership or service providers change.

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