Why Marketing Automation Platforms Need Quality Data

June 22, 2021

Marketers rely on many different tools to accurately target, predict, and understand their customers. There are few tools that have saved marketers in every industry more time than marketing automation platforms (MAPs). While MAPs have been instrumental in helping marketers do their jobs more efficiently, the automated campaigns pushed out are only as good as the data behind them.

In this day and age, when customers are more connected to their brands than ever before, marketers are hard-pressed to get the right messaging out to the right consumer, at the right time. While marketing teams can use a marketing automation platform and reach everyone, they could save budget and time by using the right data to determine their target audience. Here are three reasons why marketers need to put the magnifying lens on their data quality before implementing a campaign on a MAP.

Why Marketing Automation Platforms Need Quality Data

Send Your Messaging to the Right Audience

One of the biggest hurdles in the marketing world is getting the right message across to the right audience. While marketing automation platforms certainly make it easier to send emails, social media content, and collateral en masse, none of this volume would matter if it wasn’t resonating with customers. With quality data on your customer base, you could get a true understanding of your audience, gauge customer sentiment, and craft the ideal messaging strategy. 

Data-driven decision-making could also help you determine which customers left you for your competitor, why they left, and how you could win them back. Instead of automatically blasting your campaign emails to everyone, you can personalize your message with the right messaging to win back loyal customers based on quality insights.

Improve Campaign Management

Sales and marketing teams work hand in hand to maintain customer loyalty and reach out to prospective customers. To run the most effective campaigns, marketers need to input quality data into their marketing automation platforms so that sales can then do their jobs more efficiently and close the deal.

For example, a luxury coffee brand is launching a new line of high-caffeine coffee. They want to specifically reach college students and young professionals. In the past, they used to launch campaigns and not personalize or cater their messaging to anyone in particular. They didn’t input quality data into their MAP, and this resulted in them having low conversions on their marketing campaigns. This time, they decide to use a location intelligence solution to get near-real-time insights. 

They discover that these college students enjoy visiting local music venues, are interested in green living as well, and are known to be healthy eaters. With this in your back pocket, you launch a campaign that is aimed at students who are concert-goers and gym enthusiasts, with messaging that spotlights your ethical coffee bean sourcing, organic ingredients, and green packaging.

Data-Driven Marketing Leads to Better Results

There’s no denying that using quality data will yield better results for your marketing campaigns.  By inputting good data for your marketing automation platforms, you can not only launch an effective campaign but can also save time and money. 

Think about the last time that you received a campaign email. How many of those did you exit out of because it wasn’t relevant for you? How many times did you click on their CTA? Ask yourself why this particular campaign worked for you and why the failed one did not. The same thing goes for your target audience. Without the right data to back your campaign, your marketing automation platform may as well be useless. Customers respond best to personalized messaging. Without quality data in your MAP, you risk missing the customers who may be the most interested in your product.   

For more information on using location intelligence for marketing, contact us to speak with a location analytics expert today.

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