Anteriad: Using Intent Data Enriched with Location Analytics to Optimize B2B Sales and Marketing Outreach


Marketing & Advertising

The Problem: Inability to Reach Decision-Makers within the Target Company

Anteriad’s intent data was domain-based, limiting its ability to target specific decision-makers or departments within large enterprises.

The Solution: Gravy’s Location Data to Improve Audience Targeting

Anteriad partnered with Gravy Analytics to enhance its intent data with location analytics, allowing clients to target specific sites. Anteriad improved the accuracy and efficacy of its intent solution by utilizing Gravy’s reliable location data, allowing clients to pinpoint decision-makers within a company who are most likely to be in-market for their product.

“We recognized that to provide our clients with the most effective audience targeting so they can generate more conversions at a stronger ROI, we needed to improve the precision of our intent data. Our previous intent data was limited to the domain level, which posed several challenges for our clients, particularly when targeting prospects at large enterprise companies. By enhancing our intent data, we could provide more accurate and granular targeting, ultimately leading to better outcomes for our clients’ advertising and sales campaigns.”

Ken Lordy, Chief Product Officer, Anteriad

The Results: More Effective Sales and Marketing Outreach

Anteriad combines intent data with location analytics to assist B2B marketing and sales teams in refining and optimizing targeting strategies. More qualified leads are generated, and improved intent data results in higher click-through rates, improved lead generation, and increased revenue.

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Download the full case study to learn how Anteriad refined their target audience using intent data.

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