Nantucket Memorial Airport, Community Data Platforms & Gravy Analytics: Using Location Analytics for Air Service Development

Community Data Platforms

Public Sector

The Problem: A Lack of Visitor Insights

Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) didn’t have access to the data insights they needed to understand:

  • Who is visiting the airport? 
  • Where are visitors going from the airport?
  • When are visitors traveling from the airport?

To get better insights, ACK teamed up with Community Data Platforms (CDP) to conduct a data analysis of the airport.

The Problem-Solver: Observations

CDP used Gravy Observations combined with other datasets to help ACK get the insights they needed to make a case for adding new airline services.

“With mobility data, we were able to build a business case to justify further investment. That’s the major takeaway.”
Noah Karberg, Assistant Airport Manager, ACK

The Findings: More Flights, New Direct Service

Based on CDP’s data analysis with location intelligence, ACK found that they should:

  • Increase plane capacity and frequency of flights 
  • Add a new direct service from Philadelphia with American Airlines

Want to learn more?

Download the full case study to get details on how Nantucket Memorial Airport and Community Data Platforms used location analytics for air service development.

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