Gravy Analytics & Lagoon:
Using Location Analytics to Inform Financial Investment Strategies

Data Lagoon

Financial Services & Insurance

The Opportunity: Better Data Insights for Professional Investors

Large investment firms have access to world-class resources to get actionable insights into company performance. Professional investors also need access to the best data to make informed investment decisions. Lagoon, a fintech company, created a data intelligence platform that brings together many alternative datasets to provide investors with insights that go beyond earnings reports. 

The Solution: Gravy’s Visitations Data on Lagoon’s Platform

Lagoon wanted to expand the datasets offered on its platform and partnered with Gravy Analytics to provide investors with access to foot traffic data. Gravy’s Visitations data provides Lagoon customers with data that reflects real-world consumer visits to thousands of top brands. 

“With Gravy’s Visitations data in the Lagoon intelligence platform, our customers can use location-based datasets, alongside other traditional and alternative datasets, and almost instantly identify new investment opportunities and manage risk. With these insights, investors can gain a better understanding of business performance and make smarter investments before the rest of the market.”
Omri Shtayer, CEO and Founder, Lagoon

Want to learn more?

Download the full case study to learn how investors using Lagoon’s data intelligence platform are gaining new insight into company performance with foot traffic data.

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