Q2 2022 Consumer Trends Report

The biggest economic question of Q2 2022 is: “Is the U.S. heading towards a recession?” Both economists and businesses use consumer spending as an economic indicator, but this data doesn’t provide enough information to fully understand how the economy is performing.. By enriching consumer spending and other types of economic data with foot traffic, organizations can predict emerging trends and consumer behavior. 

In this report, we analyzed foot traffic data from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022 in a variety of place categories—from Accommodations to Transportation.

Vacation travel is bringing people back to destination resorts again; Q2 2022 foot traffic at golf resorts and destination hotels was 29% and 21% higher, respectively, compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

Measure economic activity with location analytics

Competitive Intelligence

Use foot traffic analytics to compare the performance of businesses across different categories.

Data Enrichment

Enrich economic datasets, such as consumer spending and consumer sentiment survey data, with foot traffic to measure and predict trends.

Market Research

Understand which areas within a community are experiencing economic growth and which ones are in an economic downturn.  

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