Q3 2022 Consumer Trends Report

Hotels are once again welcoming guests, stores and restaurants are open, and theaters are selling tickets, but to what extent is business back to normal?Our Q3 2022 Consumer Trends Report analyzes foot traffic data from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022 in a variety of locations to determine how consumer behavior has changed across industries. While most of the world has reopened, not all businesses have recovered due to ongoing challenges such as the pandemic, inflation, and supply chain constraints.

In this report, we take a closer look at foot traffic in each category to learn more about how consumer behavior has changed in the last year and what to expect in Q4 2022 and during the upcoming holiday season.

In-person shopping is back with a vengeance. Compared to Q3 2021, foot traffic to shopping destinations was 15% higher in Q3 2022.

Use location analytics to enrich consumer insights

Customer Intelligence 

Transform your business strategy with customer insights.

Foot Traffic Analytics 

Understand consumer behavior trends by analyzing retail foot traffic.

Market Research

Combine datasets with location analytics to determine where consumers are being impacted.

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