Data Enrichment Services

    Gravy Analytics provides data enrichment services that give companies deeper insights into customers’ real-world behavior. Determine customer interests, buying habits, and loyalties based on the physical locations they visit.

    Use Gravy’s data enrichment services to:

    • Identify shared characteristics of your top customers and use them find similar audiences that grow your customer base.
    • Understand your target market to make better business decisions.
    • Fine-tune your marketing, sales, and customer communication to deliver more value and increase customer acquisition, retention, referrals, and sales.

    Gravy contextualizes all location data for more effective competitive intelligence.

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    Increase Upsells and Cross-sells

    Use data to identify the products and services customers would be most interested in to grow revenue. Make the right pitch at the right time via email, mobile advertising, or phone communication.


    Improve Referral Programs

    Develop referral incentives based on customer interests to motivate more frequent, high-value referrals.

    Deliver Personalized Communication

    Location analytics and targeting maturity model.

    Tailor communications so they address what your customers care about. Gravy provides the data businesses need to understand customer interests, allowing teams to:

    • Write emails that increase opens and clicks.
    • Personalize digital ad language and offers to increase ROI.
    • Update your website to speak to buyer pain and value points.

    Data Enrichment Services with Real-World Information

    Power business growth with strategic customer information. Gravy’s data enrichment services provide unparalleled insight into your customers, based not on transient online behaviors, but concrete information on the places consumers go and the events they attend. Append your customer data on:

    • Your customers’ monthly attendances at U.S. events and venues.
    • The most visited locations for your customers’ mobile devices.
    • Behavioral classifications that identify in-market buyers, frequent shoppers, foodies, and other personas.
    • Customers’ monthly visits to commercial U.S. locations and events during business hours.

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