Consumer Behavior

The places and events people visit in the real world provide insight into consumer behavior.

About this Dashboard

Consumer behavior isn’t just measured through surveys and polls. You can also tell a lot about consumer behavior with insights from foot traffic data powered by location intelligence. After all, foot traffic data provides information about the places people visit in the physical world, revealing consumer habits, interests, and trends.

Gravy Personas use observable patterns in mobile device behavior, over time, to provide in-depth consumer insights. Gravy’s Consumer Behavior dashboard shows the percentage of U.S. consumer devices that fit some of our most popular personas in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. This visualization demonstrates how the real-world behavior of U.S. consumers can differ by state or region.

Personas are most often used for audience targeting or for customer data enrichment. Advertising audiences built on Gravy Personas help marketers improve the ROI of advertising campaigns by targeting consumers based on their real-world behavior, while customer segmentation built on Gravy Personas enables similarly targeted customer outreach. More than 350 different consumer personas – ranging from Comedy Enthusiasts and Cruise Travelers, to Live Music/Concert Goers and Wholesale Club Shoppers – are available to use today.

Data Methodology

In total, Gravy captures more than 1B+ consumer visits to commercial places of interest every month. Gravy Personas reflect the real-world behavior of U.S. consumers and are built on visitations observed at millions of places and events, and across thousands of top brands.

Consumer personas are assigned when consumer mobile devices repeatedly enter geofences associated with a specific persona or personas. For example, “Frequent Shoppers” will have a history of visiting retail stores, and  “Auto Buyers” will have recently visited new or used car auto dealerships. This dashboard is built on aggregated consumer persona data observed during Q2 2023.

Use of Data for Media and Research Purposes
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