Economic Activity

Foot traffic trends, as measured by location intelligence, are a leading indicator of economic health.

About this Dashboard

Economic activity isn’t just measured in terms of employment or GDP. Foot traffic trends, as measured by location intelligence, can provide real-world insight into economic activity. The number of people who shop for discount goods, dine out at fast-food restaurants, or vacation at golf resorts can tell us a lot about consumer priorities and the overall health of the U.S. economy.

Gravy Visitations measures consumer visits across thousands of different place categories. The Economic Activity dashboard visualizes consumer foot traffic changes for hundreds of categories across U.S. states and in 50 major cities since the start of COVID-19. This visualization is updated monthly and shows how consumer behavior and priorities can vary widely by region, state, or city.

Visitations and related metrics, including changes in foot traffic, are most often used for market research or competitive intelligence. Understanding foot traffic trends is helpful when researching consumer trends or making investment decisions. From a competitive intelligence standpoint, foot traffic is an important indicator of category strength and can help researchers better understand how one sector in the economy compares to others in an area.

Data Methodology

Built using the Gravy Visitations dataset, visits to categories are tabulated whenever consumer mobile devices enter geofences associated with a category. In total, Gravy captures more than 1B+ consumer visits to commercial places of interest every month.

Aggregate metrics are shown at initial page load. Select a category or subcategory to explore the data in more detail. Choose a state or city to display metrics for the chosen location. Individual metrics may be obtained by placing your cursor over the point of interest on the chart or map.

Use of Data for Media and Research Purposes

  • If you are a journalist or researcher and would like to use this Economic Activity data or other Gravy insights for media or research purposes, please let us know at [email protected].

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