Gravy Announces Breakthrough Patented Attendance Verification Technology for Location-Based Marketers

    “AdmitOne™” Overcomes the Pervasive Challenge of Confirming Customer Attendance at Local Events, Activities, and Venues.  

    Leesburg, VA – May 27, 2015 – Gravy, the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider unlocking the true interests of customers based on verified local event and activity attendance, today announced the launch of AdmitOne™, the first and only attendance verification technology for location-based marketers.

    Legacy solutions have fallen short as more marketers have turned to location-based behavioral gathering to improve personalization and ad targeting by learning the needs and preferences of mobile customers based on where they frequently go. The inability to distinguish between an actual customer visit versus a user walking by a location or dropping someone off has resulted in frequent “false positives,” leaving marketers invested in personalized message development and media spend only to reach customers not interested in what the brand has to offer.

    AdmitOne™ eliminates this shortcoming by scrutinizing every location signal Gravy receives to anonymously confirm actual attendances and visits, whether at a restaurant, retail location, hotel, local concert, or sporting event. Using rigorous entry/exit and dwell time parameters combined with date/time and hours-of-operation metadata, Gravy confirms when mobile customers actually spend time at events and places and rejects signals indicating that they just walked by, dropped someone off, or were at a location outside of actual business hours.

    “Our data shows that location relevance is considerably additive to ad targeting,” said Mike Boland, Chief Analyst at BIA/Kelsey. “But GPS data alone is missing context. It’s generally a long string of numbers that doesn’t indicate that I’m at Target, as opposed to the Starbucks within; or that I’m at a basketball game, as opposed to the hockey game that took place in the same venue the night before. Additional place, event, and temporal data is needed for context, and thus precision, in location-based ad targeting.”

    “Now that we’ve implemented AdmitOne™, we actually reject over 50% of the signals we receive, deeming them insufficient to confirm attendances and visits,” said Jeff White, CEO of Gravy. “For the first time, marketers can have the confidence to invest in location-based messaging and media, knowing that they’ll be reaching receptive customers with relevant offers.”

    AdmitOne™ is available as an integrated component of Gravy GOLD, the company’s local insights and context platform that improves marketers’ personalization and targeting performance. GOLD maintains the only dynamic set of definitive local events and activities data in the U.S., giving marketers conclusive psychographic knowledge and predictive segmentation based on the events and activities mobile customers attend, to uncover their true lifestyle interests and passions. Adding the ability to confirm attendances at these venues significantly enhances fidelity and gives credibility to the actionable insights Gravy delivers.


    About Gravy

    Gravy is the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider unlocking the true interests and affinities of customers based on their verified attendance to local, offline events and activities. Utilizing Gravy GOLD, the company’s proprietary local insights and context platform, Gravy applies its dynamic knowledge of the definitive local events and activities customers attend while mobile, to verify their interests and uncover where they go, what they do, and why they do it. Gravy gives marketers concise TruLife™ psychographic segmentation, precise competitive visit insights, conclusive advertising attribution, and the ability to predict and act on where customers will go in the future to increase loyalty and share of wallet, in a privacy-friendly manner. For more information, visit