Gravy Areas

Observe changes in cross-shopping behavior, consumer travel patterns, and customer affinities for a custom area of interest over time.

Gravy Areas delivers four different types of consumer market trends data:

Area Visitors

Analyze and compare consumer foot traffic trends for custom areas over time.

This data is used by brands for:

  • Footfall analysis for different areas over time.
  • Predictive analytics based on accurate consumer foot traffic patterns.
  • Analysis of visitor traffic to competitor locations.
  • Analysis of high traffic areas for real estate, store, or digital advertising site selection.
  • Investment analysis/property valuation.
  • Attribution measurement.
  • Operational strategy, such as increasing staffing levels during predicted peak traffic times.

Area Cross-Visitations

Area Cross-Visitations

Analyze visit data for mobile devices for a custom area of interest and all other visits for those devices going back 3 years.
Analysts can use this data to:

  • Study consumer visits to custom areas of interest, travel patterns before and after a visit, and trends by day-of-week or time-of-day.
  • Measure foot traffic to competitor locations and identify cross-shopping behaviors.
  • Discover consumer affinities for specific chains, categories of places, and individual locations by market.

Area Personas

Compare trends in buyer behavior between different geographic areas across the U.S. over a period of time.

Over 350 consumer personas for:

  • Analyzing changes in consumer behavior.
  • Predictive analysis based on offline consumer behavior.
  • Comparing competitive/cross-shopper buying behavior.
  • Enhancing customer data.
  • Creating loyalty management programs.
  • Improving customer segmentation, personalization, and targeting.
  • Selecting prime real estate, new store, or digital ad placement locations based on the top buyer personas in the area of interest. 
  • Informing product and service offerings in different areas.

Trade Areas

Trade Areas

Analyze where consumers travel from to shop, dine, or visit other places of commercial interest.

This data can be used by analysts for:

  • Catchment analysis.
  • Real estate/site selection based on consumer traffic patterns.
  • Travel and tourism trend analysis.
  • Community planning.
  • Identifying relevant geographic markets for targeting.
  • Operational strategy, such as increasing staffing levels during predicted peak traffic times.

Areas Product Features & Benefits

Market Trends

Discover consumer market trends, powered by location intelligence, specific to your custom areas of interest

Quick Analysis

Exclude extra data that you don’t need to enable fast analysis

Cleansed and Verified Datasets
Quality Data

Built on 100% deterministic location data

Historical Analytics

Up to 3 years of historical data available


Flexible Data Delivery of Areas

1. Data access with Gravy APIs

Request and pay only for the data you need. Get quick access to consumer market trends on demand by calling Area Visitors, Area Cross-Visitations, Area Personas, or Trade Areas APIs.

2. Batch data delivery

Area Visitors, Area Cross-Visitations, Area Personas, or Trade Areas conveniently delivered directly to you via email or an AWS S3 bucket.

Gain in-depth insight into consumer market trends with Gravy Areas.

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