Gravy Personas

Over 350 consumer personas built on the places and events they visit in the real world.

What are Gravy Personas?

Gravy Personas delivers meaningful consumer personas to help brands understand consumer’s actual interests and buying intent. Brands can enrich their own customer data with our Personas to identify groups like foodies, frequent shoppers, in-market auto buyers, retirees, and pre-movers.

Gravy Personas includes:


    Using Gravy Personas To Understand Consumer Behavior

    Leading brands and companies are using Gravy Personas to improve the customer experience through:

    Customer Data Enhancement
    Customer Data Enhancement

    Enrich customer data with buyer personas developed from the places they frequent, the events they attend, and brands they show an affinity for in the real world.

    Competitive Analysis

    Understand what drives consumers to your competitor’s locations and use this information to inform conquesting campaigns and marketing strategy.

    Real Estate/Site Selection
    Real Estate/Site Selection

    Isolate areas of interest based upon the top consumer personas represented there. Align your product offerings with the most relevant consumer personas in the right target area.

    Psychographic Analysis
    Psychographic Analysis

    Identify buyer personas for a segment of consumers to better understand their interests and needs.

    Competitive Analysis
    Campaign Personalization

    Use insights on what interests consumers most to personalize messaging for marketing campaigns with real impact.

    Personas Product Features & Benefits

    First-Rate Consumer Personas

    350+ high-quality consumer personas

    Cleansed and Verified Datasets

    Quality Data

    Built on 100% deterministic location data

    Expert Curation

    Curated by Gravy over several years with custom business rules to build each persona

    Extensive Leading Brands & Categories

    Thousands of leading brands and categories of places in the U.S. and Canada

    Wide Selection of Categories

    A broad set of consumer persona categories representing enthusiast, lifestyle, B2B, life stage, and in-market consumer groups


    Flexible Data Delivery of Personas

    1. Data access with the Gravy Personas API

    Request and pay only for the data you need. Get quick access to consumer personas on demand by calling the Personas API with the following parameters:

      The API will return:

        2. Batch data delivery

        Consumer personas conveniently delivered directly to you via email or an AWS S3 bucket.

        Let us help you enrich your understanding of what drives consumer behavior in the real world with Gravy Personas.

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