Gravy Responds to Market Demand for Faster Insights, Higher Scale, & Enhanced Privacy Assurance with GOLD 2.0

    Release of Gravy GOLD 2.0 Local Insights & Context Platform Raises the Bar on Location-Based Performance.

    Leesburg, VA – August 19, 2015. Gravy, the only location-based behavioral analytics and segmentation provider unlocking customer interests based on verified local event attendance, today announced the release of Gravy GOLD 2.0, the company’s proprietary local insights and context platform for brands, publishers, media companies, and mobile ad exchanges.

    With the dramatic increase in market adoption and use of location-based data, clients are demanding faster, more flexible and scalable ways to obtain and act on the insights Gravy GOLD provides. These powerful insights give clients the knowledge to predict what their customers will do in the future, develop personalized messaging based on the local events and places customers visit in their daily lives, attribute campaign outreach to physical visits, and get precise competitive traffic insights for win-back campaigns.

    As a result of this client demand, Gravy re-architected its GOLD product line, creating the 2.0 platform to increase processing capabilities to handle truly Big Data numbers. Clients serving users on millions and hundreds of millions of devices require processing for billions of locations on a daily basis to generate verified attendance data and predictive lifestyle personas for user segmentation and targeting. The GOLD 2.0 platform supports rapid delivery of results back to our clients via lightweight SDK, file delivery, API access, and online access with no hardware required, clients simply select the delivery mechanism that works best for them. GOLD 2.0’s new multi-pod architecture also enables infinite scalability, allowing Gravy to quickly add pods to meet customer demand.

    Adding to Gravy’s Privacy by Design methodologies which include no collection of PII, device ID hashing, anonymized behavior gathering, and exclusion of residential and sensitive locations (such as medical facilities) Gravy also released enhanced Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance features. GOLD 2.0 now allows location gathering to be easily “turned off” through client activation of the platform’s Age Control Module, which turns off location gathering without disabling in-app location features such as foreground “Search Nearby” features. Further, parents of minors can individually turn off location gathering, either in-app or through other digital channels (such as the clients’ website) with strong user authentication to prevent access by hackers or bots.

    “The launch of Gravy’s new GOLD 2.0 platform is a boon for the location-based industry,” said Asif Khan, Founder & President of the Location Based Marketing Association. “Brands and their agencies are seeking to use this data to glean insights into target audiences and to do so in a way that can be measured and attributed. GOLD 2.0 goes a long way in helping to answer that call.”

    “It’s exciting to see the rapid adoption of location-based services by our clients,” said Guy DeCorte, CTO of Gravy. “But with that demand comes a responsibility to deliver at Internet speed, with scale and utmost privacy protection. Gravy GOLD 2.0 does all of that and more for our clients and their customers.”

    About Gravy

    Gravy is the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider unlocking the true interests and affinities of customers based on their verified attendance to local offline events and activities. The company applies dynamic knowledge of the definitive local events and activities mobile customers attend to verify their interests and uncover what they’re passionate about. Gravy gives brands concise TruLifeTM psychographic segmentation, AdmitOneTM attendance verification, precise competitor visit insights, conclusive advertising attribution, and the ability to predict and act on where customers will go in the future. The company helps brands increase sales, loyalty, and share-of-wallet in a privacy-friendly manner. For more information, visit