Emerging Consumer Trends: 2020 Holiday Shopping Season and 2021

Many businesses are continuing to adapt their strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we head into the 2020 holiday season, holiday shopping and travel are going to look quite different from last year. 
We wanted to understand emerging consumer trends to expect during the 2020 holiday season and beyond as we head into 2021. What is consumer behavior going to look like this holiday season?  Using our foot traffic data, we have put together a report focused on predicting consumer behavior trends for the holidays.

This consumer behavior report features analysis of categories and foot traffic at:

  • Leading hotel brands including Hilton Hotels and Westin.
  • Major food and restaurant brands including McDonald’s and Starbucks.
  • Leaders in the retail industry including Target and Walmart.
  • Entertainment brands including Alamo Drafthouse and AMC.

Download the report to get insights to help you prepare for the 2020 holiday season and beyond.

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