Best Data Providers For Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing harmonizes your consumer’s real-world movement and their online behavior.

In 2019, 84% marketers made customer location intelligence a core part of their targeting strategies and ad campaigns. Customer segmentation, O2O attribution, DOOH ads, geofencing – all of these are part of the 2020 marketer’s toolkit, and all perform best when coupled with location data.

However, as more marketers are using location datasets for their campaigns, location-based marketing is set to become even more competitive. Only with accurate, context-aware visit data and the most sophisticated behavioral analytics can location-based marketing strategies drive up conversion.

How can marketers access the intelligence about their target customers which will give their location-based outreach the edge over competitors?

Location data providers leverage powerful signal tracking and AI technology to collect the highest-quality mobile location datasets. They can deliver aggregated, 100% privacy-compliant insights in real time. This way, marketers can launch location-based campaigns which their customers truly engage with, resulting in that crucial in-store purchase.

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