Decoding Location Intelligence: Jeff White, CEO, Gravy Analytics

MarTech Advisor

What is location intelligence and how can a marketer use location based data or marketing to improve marketing outcomes?

Location intelligence lets companies of all kinds truly understand their consumers’ behavior — the places people visit, the stores they shop in, what they do with their free time, and how that maps against other behavioral indicators — to make the most of their marketing budget.

Software capabilities now go beyond location data and through our context of events, we can go from early days of pure location data (i.e.: knowing where a consumer is) to location intelligence (i.e.: knowing where a consumer is AND what they are doing).

How have you seen CMOs’ approach to mobile marketing opportunities evolve over the last few years?

Just a few years ago, mobile was an afterthought for many CMOs — not really applicable to anyone not selling a mobile phone or app. Mobile marketing itself was often siloed in a separate organization. Today, your marketing plan is incomplete without a mobile element. Now, companies of all kinds, selling all varieties of products, are incorporating mobile into their marketing programs and figuring out the unique role it plays in their customer journey.

The ubiquity of mobile phones means that mobile has also become a new source of powerful data for marketers. The data exhaust generated by consumers as they use apps and browse the mobile web now gives us insight into the places that people visit, the stores that they shop at, and the events that they attend.

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