Domino Pizza: trounces estimates with Q2 results

Domino’s Pizza Inc. trounced analysts’ estimates for its second quarter this year, that ended on June 14.

Though international same-store sales for the chain were relatively stagnant at 1.3% growth, U.S. same-store sales clocked in at 16.1% versus the consensus estimate of 11.9% growth. Diluted EPS grew 36.5% to $2.99 for the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based brand, which was 71 cents higher than estimates, according to the quarterly report released Thursday morning.

Revenues were up 13.4% year-over-year, to $929.02 million, which was $6.4 million ahead of estimates. The brand said U.S. same-store sales were positively impacted by COVID-19-era customer ordering behavior, according to a press release on the financial report.

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