Domino’s trounces estimates with Q2 results

Domino’s Pizza Inc. trounced analysts’ estimates for its second quarter this year, that ended on June 14.

Though international same-store sales for the chain were relatively stagnant at 1.3% growth, U.S. same-store sales clocked in at 16.1% versus the consensus estimate of 11.9% growth. Diluted EPS grew 36.5% to $2.99 for the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based brand, which was 71 cents higher than estimates, according to the quarterly report released Thursday morning.

Revenues were up 13.4% year-over-year, to $929.02 million, which was $6.4 million ahead of estimates. The brand said U.S. same-store sales were positively impacted by COVID-19-era customer ordering behavior, according to a press release on the financial report.

Domino’s added a net growth of 84 stores systemwide in the second quarter, including 39 net new U.S. stores and 45 net new international stores. The number of temporary store closures in certain of the company’s international markets declined from its peak of approximately 2,400 temporary closures. Based on information reported to the company by its master franchisees, the company estimates that, as of July 8, 600 fewer stores internationally are now closed temporarily.

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