Ever-changing pandemic landscape challenges natural products retailers

Consumers improve their eating habits and seek supplements even if they aren’t making as many shopping trips, but the industry needs to adapt.

As COVID-19 continues to surge throughout the U.S., consumers wait in lines to get into stores, wear face coverings, follow floor markers to help ensure social distancing, and shop quickly to get in and out with our groceries.

The days of browsing, sampling product and enjoying the “theater of food” made way for safety and efficiency as consumers changed their shopping behavior and increasingly turned to online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery.

At the same time, sales data show Americans are changing their eating habits to improve their health and immunity. Natural and organic consumers have doubled down on healthy, clean food to protect their families during the ongoing “safer at home” era.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered significantly higher sales of natural and organic products this year—a trend that might continue. Compared to the same periods in 2019, natural products sales for the four weeks ending March 22 increased 39%; for the four weeks ending April 19, 18%; for May 17, also 18%; and for June 14, 14%, according to market research firm SPINS.


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