Gravy Analytics’ Location Data Products Now Available Through Amazon Data Exchange

DULLES, VA., December 4, 2019 — Gravy Analytics is pleased to announce that its location data-as-a-service (DaaS) products are now available via the Amazon Data Exchange. The new partnership between Amazon and Gravy Analytics makes it simpler than ever for prospective buyers to discover, evaluate and use Gravy’s location data sets.

Gravy is among the first location data providers featured on Amazon’s AWS data exchange, which makes it easy for AWS customers to subscribe to and work with a range of third-party data services in the cloud. The initial data sets include Gravy’s verified Visitation data and Visitation data for the Automotive sector, and are available at no charge. Additional data sets will be released in the coming weeks.

“Making Gravy’s location data available via Amazon’s AWS Data Exchange enhances our brand promise,” said Jeff White, founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics. “As the largest, most accurate source of trusted location data, our partnership with Amazon makes Gravy’s location intelligence more usable by current customers and for prospective buyers.”

Unlike other location data providers, Gravy’s data co-op includes raw location data from multiple location data aggregators representing tens of thousands of apps. This unique approach provides Gravy with unmatched scale, and the unique ability to corroborate, unify and verify billions of daily location signals across multiple sources. Working with many partners and SDKs – as opposed to just one – enables Gravy to identify fraudulent and suspicious signals and devices within the location data ecosystem. The result is higher-quality location data sets and location-based products that organizations can use with confidence. 

For marketers, location data and the consumer behavioral information it provides can be used for audience targeting, buyer segmentation, and offline attribution. Location intelligence also supports various business and research needs, including foot traffic measurement, community planning and development, real estate site selection, and risk mitigation and fraud detection based on how people move about the physical world.

To view available products and request access to Gravy DaaS, visit the Amazon Data Exchange. To learn more about location intelligence and Gravy DaaS, contact us at [email protected].

About Gravy Analytics

Gravy Analytics is the leading provider of real-world location intelligence for marketers. Our patented AdmitOne™ engine verifies consumer attendances at millions of places, points-of-interest and local events, providing unprecedented visibility into the offline consumer journey. Gravy Analytics processes billions of anonymous mobile location signals every day to create its industry-leading and privacy-friendly data services, insights, and audiences. From ad targeting to customer relationship management, competitive intelligence to sponsorship selection, Gravy Analytics enables better business decisions with big data that reveals where people go in the physical world. Where we go is who we are. For more information, visit us at

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