Gravy Analytics TruLife Mobile Audiences Selected for Inclusion in The Trade Desk’s Data Management Platform

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    The only behavioral and intender audiences built on local event-attendances and location data are now available to The Trade Desk brand, agency & DSP users

    Gravy Analytics, the only location-based lifestyle and in-market audience platform based on verified local event attendances, today announced its integration into The Trade Desk DMP. For the first time, users have access to TruLife verified audiences for use in targeting, re-targeting and competitive geo-conquesting campaigns, with foot traffic attribution.

    Gravy’s unique mobile-derived audiences are built on the local events and activities consumers engage in and the places they go in their daily lives. For the first time, digital marketers are using TruLife audiences for high-scale in-app mobile campaigns, cross-device campaigns, or both. Gravy audiences include verified lifestyle and enthusiast categories ranging from active athletes and live music lovers to in-market home and auto buyers and dozens more.