Gravy Partners with Mobilewalla to Launch TruReach Solution

    1024 578 Jolene Wiggins

    Gravy, a location-based behavioral analytics provider, and Mobilewalla, provider of a mobile consumer intelligence platform, today launched Gravy TruReach, an ad targeting solution that builds audiences based on the local events and activities mobile users frequently attend.

    The partnership combines Gravy’s GOLD TruLife predictive segmentation with the Mobilewalla Targeting platform, containing up to 300 million device IDs generating 3 billion geo-location data signals daily.

    Marketers will be able to reach Gravy audiences that are passionate enough to invest their personal time to frequently attend events and activities in their local communities. Gravy TruReach enables marketers to target these motivated consumers and drive foot traffic and conversions, attribute foot traffic to individual campaigns, and even target consumers that visit competitors.TruReach features high-intent audiences such as “Political Devotees” (based on frequent attendances to local political events), “College Intenders” (based on frequent attendances at colleges/fairs and prep classes) and “Moms to Be” (based on frequent attendances to parenting and birthing classes and relevant retailers), and hundreds of others.