Heard on the Street, Episode 38: Can Local Events Galvanize Location Intelligence?

Location intelligence continues to be a hot subsector of local media and commerce. Demand is growing, providers continue to enter the market, and location privacy sensitivity is hitting historical peaks. As that all happens, the survivors will be those who differentiate themselves from the pack.

With that backdrop, some location intelligence providers zero in on specific types of location signals. For example, can local events be a focal point for gathering consumer behavior and insights? The local version of “you are what you eat” is “you are where you go.” This is where the folks at Gravy Analytics hang their hat.

“People’s attendance to events conveys a deeper and much richer signal to their actual interests and passions,” said Gravy Analytics CEO Jeff White on the latest episode of Heard on the Street (episode above). “Twenty years of having this thing called a digital cookie to create deeper, richer experiences online based on behavior online, we simply believe that if we can understand the events that people attend, that’s a much deeper and richer signal. So it can be a pride event … or it’s attendance to any of your favorite passionate things: wine tastings or otherwise, we just anchor on that and try to glean aggregated consumer insights.”

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