How D.C. Tech is Rescuing Advertisers Disillusioned with Digital Marketing

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Everyone – entrepreneurs and marketers alike – thought they were the silver bullets. The solution to the never-ending quest for sales leads. Digital marketing and marketing automation are here! They are the answer!

We got so excited about having data. It’s a thrill to be able to report on impressions, opens, clicks, CPC, and many other buzzword vanity metrics.  But we have been blind to the most important metrics – revenue.  All those email contacts, open rates and web impressions aren’t delivering the way it was promised or hoped.

As Nick Panayi, VP of Global Brand and Digital Marketing at Tysons-based DXC Technology, points out in his recent blog post GDPR? Yes please, we’ve wasted too much time and money on email marketing to massive lists of people who just aren’t interested in our products.

Worse still, Panayi writes, “The vast majority of all those blast-email recipients clearly blew us off, time after time, email after email. After years of consistent rejection, we became numb, and somehow we found a way to think that 80-90 percent rejection rates are something to celebrate. We started to plan for, and aim at, mediocracy.”

recent article on Mediapost echoes Panayi’s point: Email, once the No. 1 tactic and tied to every other form of digital marketing, isn’t working.

Next – and this one is big – it is from marketers themselves.

When we asked attendees of the Marketing Tech Magnified conference to share their names and email addresses with sponsors, just 4.5 percent of registrations agreed. Even digital marketers, marketing operations, and demand gen marketers, the very people who send marketing emails, aren’t thrilled to to get more email.

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