Need to pivot your marketing strategy? 10 ways to make a seamless transition

Marketing is not a one-and-done strategy. In the current uncertain climate especially, your business’s marketing strategy must adapt to the changing times to meet consumers’ needs. It’s no longer enough to advertise your products and services. For your marketing to really be effective, you’ll have to ask yourself what you can do to support your customers, even if that means throwing your original plan out the window.

We talked to 10 members of Business Journals Leadership Trust about how leaders can seamlessly pivot their marketing strategy due to unforeseen circumstances. Below, they shared some specific strategies to accomplish this.

1. Interact with the local community.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances and challenges these new times have created, our focus is on ramping up our online advertising presence and virtual interactions with potential clients, as well as existing and repeat customers. We see these unusual times as an opportunity to grow our client base within the community through local publications, social media, etc. and through many forms of advertising and interaction. – Thomas CouchWolverine Builders Inc

2. Build up your marketing technology stack.

Unforeseen circumstances have underscored the importance of building up your marketing technology stack. The marketing teams that succeed will be those that leverage technology to be as efficient and proactive as possible. Operating in this way requires personalized messaging, smart recommendations and exceeding customer expectations — all of which are supported by digital transformation. – Jay AtchesonR2integrated

3. Make the appropriate mental shift.

I think this is more of a mental shift requirement than a tactical question. Marketing leaders must give themselves permission to adapt well-laid-out plans quickly. Especially during Covid-19 times, we have to constantly adapt our strategy, budgets and messaging. Time is immediate. There have been times where I am changing something I changed last week versus our normal annual budget and planning. – Kristi TurnerCompeat

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